Embarking on a therapeutic journey, I partner with individuals and couples, providing the support you need to address and navigate the challenges disrupting your life.

Rediscovering Balance: The Power of Therapeutic Sessions

For most people, a short course of regular sessions helps to take back control of your lives and allow you to manage challenges and difficulties in a resourceful way. For others, a course of regular sessions will bring the right results. I am an experienced, trained and non-judgemental individual and will help guide you through seemingly overwhelming issues, therapy can be the key to helping you get your life back on track.

There are many things which can be problematic for people. Confusing and difficult emotions, relationship difficulties, work concerns, pain and longterm illness, difficult upbringing and life experiences are just some of the things that people come to see me about.

The list of what I treat is varied. Whatever the issues are I will help to facilitate long-term change and growth through understanding, gentle questioning, encouragement and empathy.

I can apply theory to the individual issue so that the client can make sense of things, identify choices and make the positive changes to a happier and more confident life.

I specialise in long and short term therapy, using a mixture of methods that depend on my client’s needs. I have successfully worked with a wide range of issues and am experienced in working with both adults and young people.

The most common reasons people consult me