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Control and abuse are not always easy to see


A report into a father who shot dead his wife and daughter has said it is "vital" for all professionals to recognise signs of coercive control.

Lance Hart, 57, killed his wife Claire, 50, and daughter Charlotte, 19, before killing himself, in Spalding in 2016.

Today on BBC 1 two brothers describe the control and abuse they lived through before they lost their mother and sister.

Christmas is not always happy for everyone

Christmas is not always merry for everyone... If you want to start the new year in a more positive way why don't you get in touch and we can make this happen together.

The Millennial Generation

This is a very interesting video regarding our young adults, it may help understand why they struggle with mental health. The video is very informative and definitely worth watching



Christmas is not happy for some of us

Christmas can be a difficut time of year for some people, you are supposed to be happy and with family. This is not always easy so why don't you get in touch and perhaps we can make things a little easier this year together.

Just call me on 07977904067 or email jaquisupple@gmail.com

The Brain in Defense Mode: How Dissociation Helps Us Survive

“an adaptive defense in response to high stress or trauma characterized by memory loss and a sense of disconnection from oneself or one’s surroundings.”

Dissociation is something we all do, and it is a vital part of our ingrained survival system. It is a part of the system that helps us to cope with stressful situations, which may otherwise feel overwhelming (Steinberg and Schnall, 2001). It is built in and is not pathological (Ross and Halpern, 2011). However, when a trauma occurs, sometimes this built-in system disconnects to a greater degree in an effort to protect the individual from traumatic material, body sensations, emotions, or memories that may be overwhelming.

Dissociation related to trauma occurs in varying degrees. On the lower end of the dissociation spectrum, for example, let’s say someone was in a car accident. A few days after the accident, the person finds that he or she cannot recall parts of the accident, even though reports of others were that he or she was conscious and responsive during those times he or she cannot recall. On the other end of the spectrum, someone who was severely abused throughout life can dissociate to the point that he or she has more than one personality, all of whom display and contain their own characteristics and who hold different memories associated with the trauma.


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